Ziemek Premier Restorations

Handcrafted dental aesthetics and restorations

It's All in the Details

We are redefining what a dental lab can do for you.

One of our custom dental aesthetics


Choose virtually any restoration type or material, including traditional PFMs, full gold crowns, and all ceramic options. The choice is yours.
We use technology to make the gold standard of custom dental aesthetics


Customizable preferences for fit, occlusion, proximal contacts, and your personal technician.
Our custom dental aesthetics have been featured in the media


When the expectation is excellence, our craftsmen have the experience to deliver.

‘‘Ziemek Dental Laboratory delivers high-quality restorations, constantly exceeding the patients' and doctors' expectations.’’

Dr. Brady C McDonald DDS, Olympia, WA

One of our skilled team making custom dental aesthetics

Handcrafted to Your Exact Preferences

If you are looking for high-end restorations that are handcrafted to your exact preferences, the Ziemek Premier Line is for you. Our reputation was built on attention to detail, communication, customer service, and quality.

Our Premier work has been featured numerous times in respected dental publications. Customizable preferences, such as occlusion, proximal contacts, effect staining, and the ability to select your technician will redefine your opinion of what a dental lab can do for you.

All Ziemek Premier Restorations are made in the USA.

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