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Behind the scenes of our full service dental lab


We are a privately owned and full-service dental lab, exceeding our customers' expectations since 1990.

Here is the modern technology we use in our innovative dental lab


Utilizing cutting-edge technology and materials allow us to provide our dentists with a myriad of restorative options and prices.

Providing first-class customer support for all those who work with our dental lab


From guided implant surgical planning to complex full mouth rehabilitation to chairside surgical support for implant-retained hybrid dentures, we are redefining customer support and service.

A Dental Lab That Believes in Giving You Choices

Sacrificing quality is a choice you should never have to make.

With two fixed-price menus to choose from, we allow you the flexibility to tailor your turnaround time, price point, and crown fit.

Premier Restorations

Restorations handcrafted to your exact preferences.

Model-Free Restorations

Faster, cost-effective restorations with no compromise on quality.

We Are the Right Fit for You

More than just an ordinary dental lab!

A microscope to show how our dental lab pays attention to the details.
Attention to Detail
At our dental lab, each restoration is created with an emphasis on precision and accuracy. You can trust us for predictable results with a quality fit.
Conversation bubbles to show that our dental lab is part of your team.
Part of Your Team
We pride ourselves on getting to know your practice, so we can provide you with a stress-free, reliable experience that meets your needs.
A stop watch to show that using our dental lab can reduce chair time for your patients
Reducing Chair Time
Our skilled team shares your goal of reducing chair time for your patients, which is why we work closely with your team and give you the tools you need to have a successful outcome with every case.
A molecule to show the innovative approach we take at our dental lab.
Innovative Approach

Our state-of-the-art digital dental lab is equipped with the latest technology to ensure we provide our partners with the highest quality restorations available.

‘‘I am very confident sending my work to Ziemek, and always get exceptional results. I can trust them for high-quality work on all my cases.’’

Dr. Robert Stover, DDS MS, Olympia, WA, Board Certified in Prosthodontics

‘‘Ziemek Dental Lab consistently produces crowns that fit well and look great. With Ziemek crowns, my seat times have decreased dramatically, and the majority of my crown seats require minimal, if any, adjustments.’’

Dr. Bradley Tew, DDS, Yakima, WA

‘‘What I found with Ziemek Dental Lab was extremely reasonable pricing but also solid quality. My seating times have actually decreased with very little need for adjusting contacts or occlusion. ’’

Dr. Mark J. Elmore, DDS, Puyallup, WA

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