Ziemek Dental Lab


Custom Shade Matching
Clearmatch™ provides dentistry with the digital technology to achieve precise and consistent tooth shade matching. While traditional shade matching procedures often result in wasted chair-time for the dentist, Clearmatch™ employs powerful, objective mathematical analysis to determine accurate tooth shades in seconds. You utilize your standard digital camera, with a black and white reference sleeve that we’ll provide. Send us the photos on a media card, CD or download it directly onto our hard drive. If you don’t have a camera and are local, give us a call and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment for your patient to come to the lab.

Laser Welding

This technology gives us the ability to laserweld alloys together with a parent material with low thermal expansion and no dimensional change.

Diagnostic Wax-up

Fully functional diagnostic waxing showing form and contours allow you to fine tune the final restoration. Another benefit is showing the patient exactly what the contour and shape of the final restoration will be and, if desired, create a temporary that will mirror this wax up exactly.

Turnaround Time 

Please use this as a guideline, we are willing to work with you on specific cases to help you meet your scheduling needs. If you have a question about specific scheduling or need to rush a case please give us a call.

  • 10 working days for Ziemek Premier restorations
  • 5 working days for Ziemek IDS restorations

Shipping Your Case  
We pickup and deliver cases for free in most of the entire south Puget Sound, simply call us to find out if you are in our free pick up/delivery areas.  If you are outside of these areas, just download an Rx form, and call us to request pre-paid shipping labels (for anterior cases, please see our anterior case checklist) and ship us your case. We provide free shipping both ways via UPS or FedEx and still complete your case in the same amount of time as a case that is delivered by us. 

Implant Surgical Guides
Custom Implant Surgical Guides are available to plan and direct the placement of Implants in the mouth. This greatly increases the quality of the final restoration because the position of the implant dictates what can be done to restore the space. Surgical Guides also give the control of implant placement to the Dentist seating the crown, rather than the surgeon placing the implant.

Induction Casting
All of our alloys are cast by induction, rather than the old torch and centrifuge casting method. This allows us to cast the metal without introducing oxides from the flame, and also cast the metal at the thickness we want. This cuts down on wasted metal in the finishing process, keeping our prices consistent.

3M Chair Side Oral Scanning
Digital Impressions 
We are one of the most experienced labs in the Northwest in receiving digital impression files and fabricating restorations on the resin models. We are the #1 3M ESPE COS Partner Lab in the world as ranked by 3M, and have been featured in national dental publications for our work in this field.  If you are a Dentist with a 3M ESPE C.O.S. scanner already or are interested in this technology, please contact us for all the information you need to utilize this powerful tool today.  We are certified to accept digital impression files from every major manufacturer on the market.

Since I started using ziemek asthetic dental lab, I've reduced the time of my seating appointments considerably. I no longer have to spend time adjusting contacts or occlusion, as these cases drop right in. ~ Dr. Brian D. Valle DDS, Millersville, MD