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BruxZir® Solid Zirconia

BruxZir® Solid Zirconia is a full-contour solid zirconia crown or bridge restoration with no porcelain overlay. More brawn than beauty, you’ll be impressed by the esthetics of BruxZir when prescribed instead of posterior metal occlusal PFMs and full-cast metal restorations. Virtually chip-proof, BruxZir Solid Zirconia crowns & bridges are the ideal restoration for bruxers and grinders, implant restorations and areas with limited occlusal space.

IPS e.Max Press

IPS e.Max Press are lithium disilicate glass-ceramic ingots for the press technique.

The innovative IPS e.Max Press lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (LS2) offers excellent fit, form and function combined with high strength of 470 MPa. The material is supplied in four levels of translucency and two sizes. The resulting restorations exhibit lifelike esthetics, independent of the shade of the preparations.

IPS e.Max Press is used to produce single-tooth restorations, bridges for the anterior and premolar region and implant superstructures. Minimally invasive inlays and onlays (1 mm) and thin veneers (0.3 mm) round out the indication range.

The two investment materials IPS PressVEST and IPS PressVEST Speed are available for processing IPS e.Max Press.

A wide selection of ingots is offered from which users can choose the one that suits their preferred processing technique (staining, cut-back or layering technique) and the case at hand (e.g. discoloured preparation). The restorations are characterized or veneered with matching staining materials or layering ceramic from the IPS e.Max Ceram assortment. The press material for the fabrication of full-contour restorations is available in 16 A-D and four Bleach BL shades. The materials for the layering technique are supplied in group shades.

Available ingots

HT ingots
The high translucency ingots (HT) are suitable for the fabrication of minimally invasive full-contour restorations, such as inlays, onlays and veneers. The restorations are characterized with staining materials.

LT ingots
Full-contour partial crowns and crowns are fabricated with the low translucency ingots (LT). In the anterior region in particular, the esthetic appearance of the restorations is maximized by employing the cut-back technique.

MO ingots
The medium opacity ingots (MO) are used to fabricate substructures for vital or slightly discolored teeth. They create an ideal basis for lifelike restorations completed with the layering technique.

HO ingots
In cases where the prepared tooth structure is discolored or titanium abutments are used, the HO ingots mask the dark background to achieve highly esthetic results.

IPS e.Max Press to Zirconia

IPS e.Max ZirPress is a fluorapatite glass-ceramic ingot for the press-on technique on IPS e.Max ZirCAD frameworks

The fluorapatite glass-ceramic ingots are indicated to press on IPS e.Max ZirCAD and other ZrO2 frameworks with a CTE of 10.5 to 11.0.

IPS e.Max ZirPress facilitates the working procedures especially for long-span restorations due to the detailed esthetic ceramic reproduction of the wax-up.

IPS e.Max ZirPress ingots are available in three levels of opacity and in A-D and four Bleach BL shades. Moreover, two Gingiva shades are available. Since several ingots can be pressed in the IPS Investment Ring System together, they are available in only one size. Individual characterization or veneering is carried out using the IPS e.Max Ceram Stains or layering materials.

HT ingots
Ingots featuring high translucency for the full-contour technique. The restorations are individualized using the IPS e.Max Ceram Stains.

LT ingots
Ingots featuring low translucency for the cut-back technique. After the partial press-over, the incisal area is individually completed using the IPS e.Max Ceram materials.

MO ingots
With the MO ingots (medium opacity), accurately fitting ceramic shoulders, bridge pontics and the cervical third are pressed before the restoration is layered to completion using IPS e.Max Ceram.

Gingiva ingots
These two ingots facilitate the fabrication of the gingival portion of the restoration, especially in large (implant-retained) restorations, since the material does not shrink and the number of ceramic firings can be reduced.

For processing of IPS e.Max ZirPress in the EP3000 and EP5000 press furnaces, the two investment materials IPS PressVEST and IPS PressVEST Speed are available.


  • Quick, easy and efficient
  • Four processing techniques – depending on the preference
  • Ceramic shoulders with high accuracy of fit and firing stability
  • Innovative gingiva technique for implant superstructures


Pressing over zirconium oxide-supported

  • Single-tooth restorations
  • Bridges in the anterior and posterior region
  • Implant superstructures
  • Inlay-retained bridges
  • Gingiva portions


IPS e.Max CAD is an innovative lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (LS2) block for the CAD/CAM technology.

IPS e.Max CAD blocks are suitable for the efficient fabrication of esthetic high-strength single-tooth restorations, such as veneers, inlays, partial crowns and crowns. In combination with IPS e.Max ZirCAD (ZrO2), the innovative IPS e.Max CAD-on technique now also permits the fabrication of up to 4-unit posterior bridges with outstanding overall strength.

The IPS e.Max CAD lithium disilicate (LS2) glass-ceramic is processed in a “soft” intermediate state, in which the material demonstrates its characteristic and striking bluish colour. In this way, manual adjustments or a cut back can be quickly and efficiently carried out and the accuracy of fit can be checked.

This is followed by a simple and quick crystallization process (approx. 20 min), in which the material obtains its final strength of 530 MPa and the desired esthetic properties, such as tooth shade, translucency and brightness. IPS e.max CAD can be designed to full contour or used to fabricate frameworks (veneering with IPS e.max Ceram).

HT blocks (High Translucency)
The HT blocks are available in 16 A-D and 4 Bleach BL shades and 2 sizes (I 12, C 14). Given their high translucency, these blocks are ideally suitable for the milling of smaller restorations (e.g. inlays, onlays). Restorations made of HT blocks convince users with their true-to-nature chameleon effect and the exceptional adaptation to the remaining tooth structure.

LT blocks (Low Translucency)
The LT blocks are available in 16 A-D and 4 Bleach BL shades and 2 sizes (I 12, C 14). Given their low translucency, they are particularly suitable for the fabrication of partial crowns and single crowns using the cut-back and also the staining technique. The lifelike esthetic appearance can be maximized with the final layering with IPS e.Max Ceram Essence and Shade materials.

MO blocks (Medium Opacity)
The MO blocks are available in 5 group shades (MO 0 – MO 4) and one size (C 14). Given their opacity, they are ideally suitable for the fabrication of frameworks on vital or slightly discoloured preparations. The anatomical shape is subsequently individually layered using IPS e.Max Ceram.

Impulse blocks (Value, Opal)
The new Impulse blocks are available in three Value (Value 1, 2, 3) and two Opal shades (Opal 1, 2). These blocks are mainly used to fabricate thin veneers, veneers, partial and single crowns.


  • High strength (530 MPa) and high esthetics
  • Efficient, economical processing due to easy milling properties
  • Minimally invasive restorations
  • Three levels of translucency for maximum flexibility
  • One day for a completed posterior bridge with outstanding overall strength (supported by zirconium)
  • Adhesive, self-adhesive or conventional cementation depending on the indication


  • (Thin) veneers
  • Minimally invasive inlays/onlays (1 mm)
  • Partial crowns and crowns
  • 3- to 4-unit bridges (IPS e.Max CAD-on technique)
  • implant superstructures

Authorized CAD/CAM Partners
Sirona Systems GmbH, Kavo Dental GmbH, Institut Straumann AG, Nobel Biocare AG


The LAVA™ All-Ceramic System is an innovative CAD/CAM technology for all-ceramic crowns and bridges on a zirconium oxide base. The esthetics and biocompatibility of LAVA™ restorations represent thee optimum in all-ceramic systems. Preparations require removal of less tooth structure, and cementation can be accomplished using proven conventional techniques. The LAVA™ All-Ceramic System provides one of the most durable and esthetic all-ceramic restorations available today.


  • Ideal for 3-unit bridge applications
  • High Fracture Resistance
  • Outstanding Marginal Fit
  • Excellent Esthetics

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