Ziemek Dental Lab

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Washington’s Cutting Edge Dental Lab

Ziemek Dental Laboratories is the Northwest’s leader in providing our dentists with the most cutting edge technologies and the highest quality materials available.  We are the first Authorized BruxZir Milling Center in Washington State.  We are very proud of the fact that every step of the production process on all of our work is done right here in the USA.  We do all of this while still keeping our restorations very affordable saving you time and money.  We welcome any comments or questions you may have and would be happy to assist you.  360.870.5107

Since I started using ziemek asthetic dental lab, I've reduced the time of my seating appointments considerably. I no longer have to spend time adjusting contacts or occlusion, as these cases drop right in. ~ Dr. Brian D. Valle DDS, Millersville, MD