Ziemek Dental Lab


“I am very confident sending my work to Ziemek, and always get exceptional results.  I can trust them for high quality work on all my cases, from simple posterior crowns and onlays, to the most challenging situations, like single anterior implant crowns, or hybrids.  They make patients happy and me proud!”
~ Dr. Robert Stover, DDS MS, Olympia, WA, Board Certified in Prosthodontics

“Ziemek Dental Lab consistently produces crowns that fit well and look great. With Ziemek crowns, my seat times have decreased dramatically and the majority of my crown seats require minimal, if any, adjustments. Their attention to detail and communication have allowed me to create a better experience for my patients and have made my job easier and more predictable. Thanks Ziemek!”
~ Dr. Bradley Tew, DDS, Yakima, WA

With the current economy and the insurance cut-backs I felt I needed to decrease my overhead somehow. I thought I could temporarily use a less expensive lab and make due with quality issues until the economy improved. What I found with Ziemek Dental Lab was extremely reasonable pricing but also solid quality. My seating times have actually decreased with very little need for adjusting contacts or occlusion. They look and fit like the high end labs to the extent that I now use this lab for everything from single units to custom implant abutments and esthetic cases. I would highly recommend Ziemek”
~Dr. Mark J. Elmore, DDS, Puyallup, WA

“Since I switched to Ziemek Laboratories, my seat times have been reduced dramatically.  Their restorations are beautiful with very consistent fit.  Ziemek offers different price levels so I know I always have options, and free shipping both ways on all my cases saves me money.  You just can’t go wrong by teaming up with this lab!”
~ Dr. Nathan Leiske, DDS, Selah, WA

“By far the most progressive lab that I have worked with.   It is rare that any adjustments are necessary on Ziemek crafted crowns. The natural appearance of their crowns is without comparison. Excellent quality..Excellent fit..Excellent customer service.  Highly recommend them for your crown and bridge needs!”
~ Jim Hutchinson, DDS, Olympia, WA

“What I get from Ziemek Laboratories are restorations that look beautiful and fit great which reduces our seat times and helps our work days go smoother.  The free shipping on every case saves us money, and the customer support and communication are top notch.  Our Account Rep. is very knowledgeable and always helpful, even providing free burs when we asked his recommendation for adjusting zirconia crowns.  We’re glad we teamed up with Ziemek!”
~ Douglas Dance, DDS, Bremerton, WA

“With Ziemek Laboratories we have found a dental lab that has done everything they told us they could/would do and more.  Consistency and communication are their hallmarks and they have exceeded our expectations.”
~ Dr. Thomas Rhodes, DDS, Puyallup, WA

“When I think of Ziemek Dental Lab I think consistency, high quality restorations, and excellent customer service.”
~ Dr. Carey Lasley DDS, Olympia, WA

“Since I started using Ziemek Aesthetic Dental Lab, I’ve reduced the time of my seating appointments considerably.  I no longer have to spend time adjusting contacts or occlusion, as these cases drop right in.”
~ Dr. Brian D. Valle DDS,   Millersville, MD

“Ziemek Dental Laboratory delivers high quality restorations, constantly exceeding the patients and doctors expectations.”
~ Dr. Brady C McDonald DDS,  Olympia,  Wa

“ZDL is the only lab I have used for many years.  They are as committed to excellence and make me look great all of the time.”
~ Dr. Jerry Moody DDS, Olympia, Wa

“High quality work, attention to detail and professionalism are second to none.  Sincere customer service and ongoing efforts to help control our costs are much appreciated.  Thank you!”
~ Dr. John C Walker, DDS, Olympia, Wa

“From their commitment to incorporating the latest technological advances, to the high level of artistry shown on demanding esthetic cases, Ziemek Dental Lab sets the bar for excellence and customer satisfaction.  Partnering with Ziemek has simply made our practice better.”
~ Dr. Bruce Cooper DDS, Olympia,  Wa

“I have been a dentist for over thirty years. During that time I have worked with more than a few labs. I can honestly say in working with Ziemek, I have never received better lab work and I’m only sorry I did not find them earlier in my career. I didn’t even know what I should expect from a lab until I started working with them. Not only is their work outstanding but their service/communication is as well. They have definitely made me a better dentist!”
~ Steve Marinkovich,DDS, Tacoma, WA

“Ziemek has the most talented technicians combined with top notch communication and absolutely exemplary customer service.  I cannot endorse them strongly enough.”
~ Dr. Kim Rioux, DDS, Gig Harbor, WA

“Over the years Ziemek Dental Lab has proven to be a great lab to work with. I particularly appreciate their eagerness to listen to concerns or questions I have. I have always felt comfortable working with them. 

They have also been willing to come to my office to discuss cases or particular issues. Recently they have done presentations at our office to help us understand the different restorative materials that are available to us, and their associated costs. They have provided materials that are not only quality but also have helped us reduce our lab costs. This has shown their intent not only to thrive as a business but to also help us do well as a business. Quality and communication are their two outstanding strengths. That is why I continue to use them and feel confident in the products they supply me for my patients.”
~ Dr. Arne Gundersen, DDS., Tumwater, WA

“I am extremely happy with the quality of the restorations I receive from Ziemek Dental Lab.  I guess it’s saying something when I choose to ship my cases all the way across the country to them.”
~ Dr. Mitch Weiner, Laurel MD

“The biggest difference I have noticed between Ziemek and other labs is the consistency of quality.  With other labs I would get a great crown and then a couple not so great ones.  With Ziemek it is right on nearly every time.  As a result, I have significantly reduced my chair time for crown seats and making crown adjustments is the exception rather than the rule.  Additionally, Ziemek provides me with regular input regarding my work which has helped me find ways to improve what I am doing, so that patients get the best possible outcome.”
~ Dr. Kyle Winter, DDS, Olympia, WA

“Really enjoy working with ZDL.  They are always professional, efficient, and communicate well with us.  The crowns are beautiful, I placed 6 anterior crowns on my father in-law from their office, the best compliment I can give is they look perfect on him.  We have also enjoyed the IDS crowns that we have received, the best value crowns I have sat. “
~ Dr. Spenser Cammack, DDS, Lacey, WA

“My staff and I are very pleased with Ziemek Dental Lab.  They offer good quality BruxZir and e.max restorations at very competitive prices.  The esthetics, fit, and turn-around time of their crowns are great.  Ziemek also offers very nice “high end” custom work for patients with demanding esthetic concerns and expectations.  The e.max Press are beautiful!

Personal contact and support is available from the lab techs and the owner to discuss cases, and I appreciate the effort Ziemek makes to offer suggestions and assistance with difficult restorative situations and treatment planning.

In summary, my patients really like the feel of the new generation crowns in their mouth.  I think Ziemek appreciates our business and it shows.  This is a refreshing change from dealing with the big commercial lab we were using before.”
~ Dr. Marc R. Tomlinson, DDS, Aberdeen, WA

 “Ziemek Laboratories has consistently made crown seats a stress-free experience. More often than not our crowns now go in with no adjustments necessary. This kind of reliability of fit has saved a great many headaches for my practice.”
~ Dr. Jared Persinger, DDS, Lacey, WA

 “Our staff, as well as our doctors and patients at Town Center Dental & Rochester Dental continue to be impressed with the exceptional and consistent aesthetic and functional results that Ziemek Laboratories have delivered.  We have cut our chair time down to an average of about 10 minutes and a much quicker turnaround time since using Ziemek.  Our Customer Account Rep has been awesome and great to work with.”  We have worked with many dental laboratories over the years, and from experience, we are convinced that a dentist in the pursuit of excellence cannot find a better lab to work with than Ziemek.  We have found that Ziemek is as dedicated as we are to providing the best outcome possible for our patients.  Thank you Ziemek.”
~ Trina Steen, Office Manager, Town Center Dental/Rochester Dental/Rainier Park Dental

“Rainier Park Dental hopes everyone at Ziemek Dental Lab knows how much we and our patients appreciate the superior work that is consistently produced by your highly trained staff.  Ziemek has helped us with many difficult cases over the past year.  Ziemek is always willing to consult with us on difficult cases and suggest treatment options.  We can tell you that the work you did for us made a big impact on our patients’ lives.  Thank you for your hard work and professionalism.  We are very thankful for your services.”
~ Cara Smith, Patient Care Coordinator, Rainier Park Dental

Since I started using ziemek asthetic dental lab, I've reduced the time of my seating appointments considerably. I no longer have to spend time adjusting contacts or occlusion, as these cases drop right in. ~ Dr. Brian D. Valle DDS, Millersville, MD