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Dental Lab

Ziemek Laboratories is a dental lab focused on providing our doctors with high quality dental restorations at prices they can be happy with.  Ziemek offers two different price points to meet the needs of any dental office.  We offer magazine quality aesthetics and fit and very competitive pricing.  Ziemek Laboratories proudly serves dentists all across the country.  Check us out on Facebook and don’t forget to visit our new website @ www.ziemekdentallab.com and if you prefer to speak to a live person we would love to talk with you just give us a call 866.943.6357

Since I started using ziemek asthetic dental lab, I've reduced the time of my seating appointments considerably. I no longer have to spend time adjusting contacts or occlusion, as these cases drop right in. ~ Dr. Brian D. Valle DDS, Millersville, MD